✨ Making yourself a priority isn’t selfish;
it’s an act of self-respect and empowerment. βœ¨


5 Sections

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Get Started With Macro Tracking

Step 1

  • Intro Video
  • How To Track Macros
  • Kristie's Macro Tracking Tools
  • Understanding Labels

❣️ Adjusting Macros & Tips

  • Macro Rules & Common Mistakes 
  • Adjusting Macros For Progress
  • Adjusting Macros For Plateaus

🍽️ Carb Cycling Nutrition

  • Carb Cycling Basics
  • Carb Cycling Instructions
  • Carb Cycling Calculator
  • Macro Adjustments
  • Meal Planning 
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